A Brand and its Story

No Nasties: An example to follow

No Nasties is a brand that I love and have ordered from even though they are not local company for me. They are a trailblazer in a country that has long had a bad reputation when it comes to the production of clothes.

Starting from seed up, a No Nasties garment is a labour of love: love for the planet, love for fellow beings, love for good design. The supply chain in fashion is long and complex – from farms to factories, and from fabrics to inks & dyes. So what does No Nasties do to make their clothes sustainable?

Organic. Fairtrade. Vegan. Certified

For one thing they work only with companies are certified by independent third-party auditors. The factory where all the No Nasties clothes are made is certified organic (as per the Global Organic Textile Standard) and certified Fairtrade (as per Fairtrade International and FLO-CERT). Also, they are self-certified under the PETA scheme for being vegan on the basis of their supply chain, raw materials & product inputs.

No Nasties started their fantastic work after realizing that there was a huge tragedy taking place right under their noses. Cotton farmers in India were committing suicide at an alarming rate of one every 30 minutes. There have officially been over 300,000 such suicides in the last 20 years – it’s the largest number of suicides recorded in human history.


The reasons for this is that farmers have to bear the high costs of “modern” farming using genetically-modified seeds and synthetic farm inputs, while their yields and returns are unreliable. This causes them to be caught in a vicious cycle of debt, and many end up feeling their only escape is to take their own life.

The savings so far…..

No Nasties started looking at initiatives in India to address this issue and they discovered a solution in “organic” and “fair trade” farming practices. However, all this work was being done only at grassroots level and on the supply side. There wasn’t enough demand-side support for it from end consumers like you and me.

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