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How to build a slow-fashion sustainable capsule wardrobe

To see the colourful capsule wardrobe click here

A capsule wardrobe is a core collection of clothes that can be worn in any season in a number of different ways. The idea is to supplement this core wardrobe with ‘mini-capsules’ – for example jumpers and scarves for winter, or skirts and short sleeves for summer. Without wanting to be overly prescriptive, 30 items or fewer should be enough for most people.

Whilst the concept may not initially appeal, there are a lot of advantages to having a small, well-coordinated wardrobe.

Pros of having a capsule wardrobe

The advantages of a capsule approach are plentiful: it is better for people and the planet to buy less, buy better and make it last. A second advantage is that it saves space in your house, and reduces clutter (which will have the additional benefit of lowering your stress levels!). It will certainly save you a lot of money on shopping. Focusing on a small collection of clothes you really love to wear makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning. Your capsule wardrobe will ideally boast some timeless pieces, some items from your favourite sustainable brands, some vintage pieces and perhaps even some hand-me-downs from friends.

More colours

So what’s not to like? Not the concept itself, but often the execution. So many capsule wardrobes strike me as bland: all beige and grey. And since I love (and need) colour in my life, I would feel quite unhappy if I had to dress in neutral matching tones every day.

That’s why I’ve worked on a colourful seasonal (AW) sustainable capsule wardrobe for each colour type (spring, summer, autumn and winter). I will be showing you 5 mood boards for each with tops, bottoms, jackets & coats, shoes & bags, and finally accessories.

They will be posted on the Capsule Wardrobe page. Enjoy! And if you have any personal requests for styling needs, please contact me.

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