How Colour My Day can help you

Colour My Day has designed 4 We-Help-You packages which will help and guide you in finding the right colours, style and shapes for you. Having this knowledge has a lot of advantages: buying clothes becomes less time consuming, more efficient and more sustainable.

Knowing what looks good and what does not means you have fewer mishaps when buying new or second-hand clothes. Having clothes that suit you and work well together in the right shape for your body means that finding great combinations in your wardrobe becomes easier.

Have a look a each formula and choose the one that appeals to you, or combine them all and have a discounted price.

  • A colour type analysis for your clothes, hair colour, make-up and jewellery
Personal Style
  • Personal style advice based on your colour type, body shape & personal preferences

  • A personalised shop-the-look based on your colour preferences & body shape
Colour, Style & Shop-My-Look
  • A combination of our 3 packages