Labante London

LaBante London is born out of a combined love of animals, fashion and the wider planet. My adolescent experiences definitely stuck with the founder and shaped the brand’s philosophy of Fashion With Respect.

LaBante London started out really small in 2009 but grew from strength to strength as they received so much positive feedback and love from vegans, vegetarians, animal lovers and fashionistas all over the world. As Labante continued to expand, they had the pleasure of meeting fashion buyers who understood that change was coming and that the future was about ethics and sustainability. Encouraged and inspired, our brand has flourished it’s their promise to you to continue to develop beautiful and stunning designs and provide you with a range of vegan accessories all made with love that you will wear with pride!

Below you can see how Labante makes their bags from down-cycled plastic bottles, which they turn into yarn that makes the vegan leather.