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Atelier de Charlotte Alejandrag Multicolor Flower Sandal €278

Atelier de Charlotte Diana Ross wedge €334

Atelier de Charlotte Diana Ross wedge pinatex €334
Atelier de Charlotte Denim booties €3668
Vesica Piscis flip-flops €46
Gumbies flip-flops with ankle support €34.95
Vesica Piscis brown flip-flop €46
Alohas Ivory flip-flop €119
Yull Shoes
Karla Desserto® Cactus Vegan Leather Sandal 
Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather vegan sandals
Semnoz Women’s Vegan Trainers
Jessica Recycled Polyester Vegan Suede Heeled Sandal | Taupe
Jen Recycled Polyester Vegan Suede Platform Sandal | Aquamarine
Ecoalf Men’s sneaker €79,90
Ecoalf Women sneaker
Ethletic Trainer
R-Kind trainer

Nine to Five ankle boots

Vegan Marita Moreno
Veja Sneakers
Vegan boots
Immaculate Vegan
Vegan bikerboots
Vegan Ugg-type boots
Komrads apple leather sneaker €154

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