Toddler dress hot air balloon

This cute ballerina dress with vintage balloons is really an eye-catcher. It is made from organic cotton in light blue or raspberry red with a cool vintage balloon screen print. The dress is soft and very cuddly because it consists of 96% organic cotton and 4% elastane. The dress is unchanged after washing and is still beautiful after washing it several times.

Organic farmers deliberately forego high yields. Mixed culture is indispensable in organic farming. They do not spray toxic pesticides and leave room for other plants, for example. They grow cotton between vegetables and fruit trees and change fields from year to year. This is called mixed culture. It prevents the floors from drying out. Rotation of cultivation allows the soil to recover every year. We hereby make a contribution to maintaining balance in a natural way. So far, organic cotton has only made up 1% of global cotton production.
There is still something going on, right ?!

Dot comma dash

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